Hello Hello! And welcome to our Renovation!

The Keadys purchased the Central Hotel in 2016 …. after it had been sitting empty and idle for over 20 years. Jen grew up in Burns and has a heart for this small rural town. Forrest grew up in Hillsboro, Oregon. He is one of the most ambitious & creative people you will ever meet. It was this ambition and creativity that had the Keady family moving to Burns with the plan to purchase and renovate the old Masonic Lodge first. They did that and now live on the upper level and work on the lower level. It’s awesome. After putting that space on AirBnb they realized a huge opportunity to re-create this old hotel and continue to help re-energize and re-invigorate the main street corridor for Burns, OR.

How is this relevant to YOU - our prospective guests? Let me tell you …! The Central Hotel is really an extension of our home. We want you to have an experience. We want you to hear stories, see pictures, leave the CH feeling like you are part of the family, part of something ‘bigger’. We would love to give you a tour of the Boiler Room. We would love to tell you what we found and how the demolition went. We want you to come back year after year to watch what else comes about.

This is not where it ends, however. More renovations are happening here in Burns, OR. Wait & see - or better yet - become part of the ‘Revitalization Revolution’. Ask us how!